After the success of the first Swiss Creative Make up Contest

We look forward to next year

sm'up 26.01.20

Stay Tuned for the Next Show


26. January 2020


Hotel Schweizerhof,  Lucerne



Our Finalists The newcomers will compete against each other to win the coveted 1 place, with CHF 1'500.00 prize money The professional make-up artists will compete against each other to occupy the coveted 1st place, with CHF 2'000 prize money

The Judging panel consists of well known successful international Makeup Stars and Beauty Photographer

Lan Grealis, Yasmin Heinz, Alessandra Semisa, 

Mascha Dahan Feldmann


For more information about the contest



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Tel:  +41 76 421 64 09

by Marguerites Make Up School


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